here’s a pic of my daily beater… if u see me around vegas give me a honk! lol


96 lexus sc300 on some “pinoy wheels”


7 Responses to “daily…”

  1. I can’t honk if i see you, so i’ll just throw up ‘dueces’!

  2. you wouldn’t happen to have been at Boulder Station today, or were you?

  3. haha, i thought so. I love the drop man, it’s looks perfect.

    I’m heading to VD011, hit me up, I don’t know any VegasDrift heads!

    • haha its just cut sprigs with hella neg camber on the rears. but no one knows that bro.
      tommy and nick should be the right peeps for vd, im not a part of vd anymore… i’ll be in socal for jd topdrift rd2 this weekend. have fun! kick ass!

      • levistey0 Says:

        hahha, my fault! I’m Mike btw, I linked you in. Dang, JD should be a blast! I can’t drive cause the cars not read yet. I miss the track though.

        Have fun out there and rip it up!

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