JD – TopDrift weekend (day1)

april 25th saturday

arrived @ wsir 7am from las vegas. it was 43 degrees and windy pretty much the whole day. there was about 25 drivers, few are practicing for the next days topdrift competitions and some are just out driving.

my dad had to do alignment when we got to the track, we changed the RUCA before we left vegas but didnt have time to align the car.


after the alignment and talking to charlie and them i got out and tested the car. it felt great, i tought i had much more power after the alignment but i realized im just on old bald tires from the previous events. hahaha 




i tried different sizes of tires, 255’s, 245’s/18″ and a 235/40/17. i liked the 255’s better, i had a lot more grip and it lasted longer for me.





did some tandem practice with miki f.

it was a great day except for the weather, had fun, glad to be able to put some practice in before the comp.

After the event we drove back to lancaster and stayed at the Ramada hotel. chilled for a little bit and watched the laker game, took a shower. around 8:30 we met back with the team and ate dinner at the chinese buffet. got back @ the hotel a little after 10pm and slept in.

part 2 or comp day next…




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