JD – TopDrift (compday) conitue…

so the continuatoin of the topdrift weekend @ wsir (htm track)

started out early around 8am. most of the drivers arrived at the track, some are missing and some new drivers showed up that missed rd 1. Matt Powers which is #2 in points and Matt “bigwing” Fields #4 from SF was not able to make due to car problems, and Also Tommy R. from sd was unable to make it out bcoz they are all preparing for D1 event next week May 2nd.  

Jeff Miata from SD was present, Cody Parkhouse also showed up and another new driver from AZ Garret Niccolich who was driving the M30.

We had 2 sets of practice session in the morning, CTO arrived early at the track and a lot of the drivers lined up to get thier tire changed. i did a couple of laps and scrubbed 2 pairs of tires for the qualifying and competition. The car felt great all morning! no problem what so ever. I did felt confident about the car, now all i had to do was be consistent thru-out the competition.

Qualifying rd started @ 1pm. I was car #16, there was about 20 drivers so only 4 will be eliminated. Forest ran 5th and laid out an amazing run! all 3 of them were at point, making a lot of smoke! im pretty sure all the judges were impressed.

Miki was 3 cars ahead of me, i also watched his qualifying runs. He pretty much killed it! as good as Forest from my point of view. I was 1st to run on my set, of course i was nervous again! on my 1st run i made a mistake on the initiation and straightened out a bit, fought it and continued with the whole course… now the pressure is up! lol


my 2nd run was a lot better, initiation, transition, and speed. I know i missed the buttom or the 2nd apex, since they moved that at least 3 feet then what i was used to seing. i felt more confident, i think the pressure was off. Jason Aquino came to me and said that i should be good, he wanted me to go more aggressive and make the best 3rd run.




the 3rd run felt great! had so much adrenaline! i was pedal to the floor! edging and clearing the apex really close. felt more confident with that run.

TOP 16:

after 20 cars and 1 1/2 hr of qualifying the judges came down and announced the score and qualifying standings.

I qualified 2nd overall! wuhoo! i was so stoked! Miki F. got 1st and Forest got 3rd! what an accomplishment! The judges announced that only 14 cars scored high and the rest got a low score. They called out 16 drivers for the points and only #3 thru #14 qualifyers battled for the 1st rd. me and Miki got a by-run for top 16 and will continue towards top 8th right away. what a break! i was lucky to be top 2 for advancement.

TOP 8: Bomac VS. Jeff Miata

got paired with Jef Miata from SD, ive always been intimadated with this driver, Jeff is really fast.



i advanced top 8th. Jeff spun out following me and i kept a good gap and made sure to complete my following run to advance.

TOP 4: Bomac VS. Forest



i lead on the 1st run with Forest, he kept a good distance and drove really clean behind me. on the buttom part of the track i dirt dropped on both ends, the advantage went with Forest.

When i followed Forest i run better then i was leading, but Forest stayed consistent on the battle which lead him to advance to top 2. i move down to loosers bracket, battle for 3rd place.

Battle for 3rd: Bomac VS. Miki



no pics of me following… we both did a pretty solid run, except he prolly had it better! lol miki took 3rd and i finished 4th place overall.

it was a great weekend! at least i got a good chunk of points for the series. i should move couple brackets down for points.

onward to rd 3 streets of willow. until then…




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