Tales of a Noob…

Hi everybody!!

My name is Inku (aka TurboLine!!!) hahhaha.  I want to introduce myself because I will be posting some new topics in the near future.  I’ve been drifting on and off for about a year or two now and met Mike at the grassroots events (Just Drift) that I attended.  We thought it would be cool, since I’m still very noobish, to post about the trials and tribulations of a beginner drifter.  I’m thinking about posting some stuffz about what I go through as I try to improve my skillz on the track and other stuff about how it is for me to learn about my car, technically, and what I think about as I wade through the myriad of racing parts, tech info and other stuff out there.

I hope this will be interesting because Mike and I attend many of the same events and you’ll be able to see and compare the difference of what a very experienced driver and novice driver go through.  I hope to have my first posts up within the next month or so, but until then, feel free to send me any suggestions about what you think about our idea, it’ll help me brainstorm some interesting and fun to read posts!

See y’all soon,

– TurboLine!!!


4 Responses to “Tales of a Noob…”

  1. whats up inku! welcome to bomacs blog! lol. this is gonna be great! keep posting broman.

  2. I don’t know man….

    Bomac taught me how to drift and I suck.

    Not his fault though.

    Just do everything opposite of what I do and you’ll be a pro in no time.

    Good luck.

    • nah man, it wasnt ur fault last time. plus uve been in the game for not too long. just enjoy drifting broman!

    • turboline Says:

      haha, thanks dood!

      man, you don’t suck, you just need more groupies (groupies wanted, hahahhaa)

      I just hope my posts don’t end up like every other car build, “here’s a new part, picture picture”

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