Arnold pt.2



so he got his tattoo after 7 hrs lol. sorry i posted this a day late.

the back design definition was the Philippine flag 3 stars and a sun, represents the main sun as a light to our 3 main lands in the island of the phillipines (correct me if im wrong! what a shame)

Front arm is a” Banig” design which is a handwoven mat usually used for sleeping. Technically, it is not a textile. Depending on the region of the Philippines, the mat is made of palm (buri), pandan or sea grass leaves. And he added “Alibata” an ancient writing in the phippines that says about his “color” or in our language “Kayumangi”

pretty cool! im still not getting a tattoo.




2 Responses to “Arnold pt.2”

  1. Pretty “astig” huh? hehe… To be honest, I wasn’t too excited about it at first, but surprisingly, I love how it turned out! he’s very proud of it obviously! Thanxx for posting it on here Mikey! You know we Filipinos gotta represent! 😉

    -Rhea (Arnold’s wifey)-

  2. for sure Rhea! when r u gonna get ur own tattoo? hahaha! thanks for checking out the blog.

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