claim jumper: foods!


apetizer… its ok! just add more salt.


jean ordered a steak and rice… this one was actually good.


i ordered that! bladaam! ribs and rice! omg this one was definitely a good meal. id come back to claim jumper for this.

3 entrees @ about $70… kinda pricey but i wasnt dissapointed. 4/5



2 Responses to “claim jumper: foods!”

  1. I see that Rogan and my blog are having an effect on your current food selection.

    I must say I’m sorry bro.


    • yea it made me wonder a lot. it seem like u guys always look for different places to eat or atleast know a lot of different places to go to when it comes to food.

      now im wondering, where in vegas i can find places like that?

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