JD Vegas Dorifto mini-Competition!!!

So I got second place, losing to Rolan (primered S13 hatch) in the final round because I spun out, shizzz!!!!  Okay, sorry to spoil the ending, but I figured I’d let you know what happened in case you’re an impatient type like me and didn’t want to read the rest of the post.  However, if you wanna know some more details, read on playa!

We started out with 17 drivers for qualifying with a sorta loose set of rules.  The Top 16 qualifiers would advance to a single elimination bracket style competition, unless if too many people spun out during qualifying, then only the Top 8 would advance to the single elimination rounds.  The judging area was similar to the events at Balcony, except that it was a 2nd gear initiation and they judged only two apexes, or was it two of three possible apexes, haha, idk, I was actually unsure of the judging criteria while I was qualifying and had to ask Dickson and Rolan for some info in between rounds, hahaha. (bet you didn’t know that Mike!)  Anywho, we were given three runs each and the judges would only score the single best of those three runs.

Well, too many people spun out, so we ended up doing a Top 8 single elimination battle.  Waiting for the Top 8 results was pretty nerve-wracking.  I was nervous because I had two pretty crappy runs and only one solid run during qualifying.  Even Mike yelled at me “what are you doing out there!!” after I came in from my first run.  On top of that, I noticed the other drivers really stepping up their game towards the end of the day.  Fortunately, I advanced to the Top 8, along with Rolan and Dickson, and felt a little more confident going into the next round.

I felt pretty good about my first run in Top 8.  My opponent went first, so I watched his run, which gave me some confidence because I had an opportunity to assess how hard I was gonna push myself during my run.  Noticing that he didn’t drive the most baller line, I told myself that I could relax during my run, which relieved some of my anxiety, resulting in a pretty clean run.  This allowed me to advance and I was able to use the same “strategy” successfully in the Final 4 round.

Advancing into the Final round against Rolan, I was hoping to use the same strategy I had used in the previous rounds: watch his run, scrutinize it, and determine how hard to drive.  Well, Rolan went first, perfect… but wait, his run was pretty good, solid and consistent like he was throughout the day.  Damn, I was gonna have to drive pretty aggressively to beat him, so off I went determined to kill it!  I went into the ring with an okay line but I straight sat on the throttle in the exit hoping to make bigger smoke, keep the foot down, keep the foot down, keep the… F*$@!!!!  TOO MUCH THROTTLE!!!  I ended up spinning out, automatic win for Rolan.

Congratulations Rolan, you did a really good job on Saturday.  I learned a lot from watching your focus during your runs. Rolan’s lines were very consistent throughout the day and he never really pushed too much.  I, on the other hand, was pushing and pushing throughout the day and never really settled on a comfortable medium.  Noticing this, I realized that its not so important that you get a few gangsta lines during the day, the only thing that matters is how you drive during the crucial judged rounds.  The tough thing is that you get nervous during competitions so its kinda difficult to perform at your very best, so its best to just settle on a good middle ground (wise advice from Bomac, haha).

Next time I’ll use my practice rounds more strategically.  Maybe I’ll start the day off pushing myself really hard until I can’t go any further, then just back it off until I find a comfortable medium.  Idk, I’ll have to think about things more.  Interestingly, this kind of pressure reminds me a lot of back in the day when I used to perform on my viola, betchya didn’t know I used to play music huh, hahhaha.  With music, you practice and practice trying to nail down all the difficult sections of the music.  Then on performance day, you go out there and try not to embarrass yourself in front of all the people in the crowd.  The trick was, you don’t play the music too fast so that your fingers can’t keep up with your nerves and you fudge things here and there so the audience can’t tell you actually messed up something, haha.  I imagine after some more thinking, I can relate this to competing in drifting.  I gotta think about it some more though.

Overall, the event was a really good experience for me, being my very first competition.  I learned a lot and can’t wait to do another one!  Thanks Just Drift Vegas!!!!

Here are some links to some youtube videos of the competition posted by Brian, thanks for making the video!!!

– TurboLine!!!

Part 1:

Part 2:


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