RedLine Time Attack Drift Demo

i got evidence! i drifted the big willow track! shitz crazy! im gonna be honest i didnt connect the omega turns… 4-6 clutch kicks and riding the clutch for at least 5 laps… i just dont have enough juice for this track. maybe 225/40/18’s with 80 psi.


entry: 4th gear initiation… who knows how fast butit felt really scary.


onto transition… down shift to 3rd!


this was the exit part. i went out of the course in this area on my 1st run! hahaha!


this was my last lap. i dragged my bumper at least half of the whole course. then i retired.

pics credit from: autobahNESSA of


One Response to “RedLine Time Attack Drift Demo”

  1. TJ De Asis Says:

    Good work Mike!! Sorry I couldn’t make the event, fortunately it looked like you had a lot of fun!! 4th gear initiations, what? haha – GOOD TIMES

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