SH: Featured Car AE86 rat-rolla





more pics of the car in this article from

Karlo, the owner of this car made a huge impact on me when i saw him 2 weekends ago in the JD event. made me missed my corolla a lot! just keeping the spirit alive and rolling hard with his coupe corolla 86. i remember doing my early drift events in jd-balcony and driving with this guy. he drives soo smooth and making this corolla like a high HP car, but its not, its all about the ability and will to push this car to be able to dance on the track. Mad props Karlo! hope to see you drift this car in vegas soon! and take a couple shots with it on the las vegas blvd strip.


2 Responses to “SH: Featured Car AE86 rat-rolla”

  1. garage_86 Says:

    Salamat Mike !

  2. Fuck year

    our blog was linked to yours from a ratty corolla as well. 😀

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