ASB this weekend!

ahh! its finally here! not looking forward to the heat of the sun but drifting the whole weekend will be a lot of fun! Drivers from washington, chicago, vegas, san diego, japan, east coast, etc etc… streets of willow, and htm will be smoking all weekend! until night time! bring the HiD’s!!! for those who wants to check it out please come sat morning and bring ur sleeping bags and tent! we will be camping inside willow! $10 to get in the gates.



at the last asb event we made a pile of body kits/parts all over the house on top of htm. this time, we will make our pyramid of tires.



pics from larry chen. last ASB!

(notes from Larry @ ziptied)

-For those of you who want to purchase FULL RESOLUTION (21 mega pixel) photos from me this weekend I am having a special:

$20 for all the photos I take of you from the weekend.
THATS HELLA DISCOUNTED! I usually charge over $100 per photo! And if its a Paris Hilton pantie shot I charge over $5000 a photo!

You can pay me paypal at or you can pay me in person this weekend.

Here is a link to my photos from the last ASB:



One Response to “ASB this weekend!”

  1. I wish I could roll…I gotta make some money this weekend though.

    Break your aero on the dirt drops and get a dvd from BH.

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