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Old School

Posted in Cars and Toys on August 31, 2009 by bomac

so 5 long years ago, after aquiring BOMAC i took it to a local SCCA. Arthur found a pic of bomac when it was almost stock! hhahaha.


5 lugs, suspension, links, 300z break converstion, bucket seats, steering wheel, FNO1rc wheels, and etc.

i miss daily driving this car… i had AC in it!!!!!


SmugMug> VD013 pics

Posted in Drift Events on August 31, 2009 by bomac

Finally! Joel uploaded the pics from the vd013 event.


here’s our pits from the event, bomac, bigmac’s car, and my dad’s s13. bomac was stuck there for a minute until we can get some wood to lift the front of the car, i was hitting my exhaust on the ramp and wasnt able to move the car out. lol


demo runs before the actual event started.


theres chase jocking my line… lolz, thats all he can do coz his car is too baller already.




with authority! hella angle! was it a spin out? i have no idea, dont remember. lolz


heres a pic after the wall tap.


and that’d be me, i dont know what i was doing but marvin told me to pose with the car… so thats my pose.

thats all folks! moving on to top drift round 3 in september.

Events> VD013

Posted in Drift Events on August 24, 2009 by bomac

last weekend i got invited to drift at vegasdrift 013 night event @ LVMS.

all day was overcast with some light wind, it was a perfect weather below 80 pretty much the whole day and night. there was good amount of people out there, i would say around 300+ people, drivers, staff, and the event sponsors. They have DJ set up as well that made a huge impact for the poeple on the pits which gave the drivers and spectators ideas on what was going on.

i didnt get to the track until 4:30pm, i had to do some stuff at home and run some errands before i was able to set up and get ready. Bigmac was very kind to lend me his inclosed trailer for this event, as i would deal more issues if i try to get my own trailer.


the drivers meeting started @ around 5:20pm. i havnt been to a vd event for a while so Nick D. (owner of vegasdrift) introduced me the drivers and staff as a pro instructor from justdrift (woot represent! i feel special! Thanks Nick)

around 6am, the event started with the vegasdrift acadamy, the course was breaked down to 4 different sections. skidpad, figure 8, left hand sweeper, right hand sweeper, and the e break entry near the start/finish line.

i was able to help out and gave some inputs to the new drivers, as Tommy Suell (pro fd driver/vd) pointed me to those who needed my help.


VD also had a “bust a bitch” contest that was sponsored by a company that gave the winner a free go pro camera and the suction kit for the car. i wasnt able to watch the compition because i was doing some demo runs with Forest Wang, Chase Goodman, and other VD demo drivers.



(pic courtesy of Jamil Hogan

i did a couple laps in between the run groups and watched most of the time. i hanged out in the track and took Joel Cada’s camera and start snapping some piczors on the main sweeper. Thanks for that buddy!

on the middle part of the night, i went out again to test out the original counter clockwise way of the track, we were driving the opposite way during the demo. it was pretty tight transition into the main sweeper, i did 2 laps and got a little too close to the wall on the 2nd lap as i tried to chase down Tommy. i was so focused on Tommy’s car and the wall infront of the crowd came too close, i tapped it and lost my tail lights! i guess that shows how heavy and strong the k rail was, im used to hitting haybel and cones… 1st time i kissed a wall and left a good mark on BOMAC.


the event ended at 1am, helped out cleaning the track and hanged out a little bit to chat with friends. overall it was a good night out for drifting, crowd was insane for a local show like this. im definitely hitting vd again if i get future invites from this guys.

if you guys want to find out more about this past event please check out

check out my other blog too for more updates

myspace minning> BOMAC pt2

Posted in Cars and Toys on August 20, 2009 by bomac

heres some more pics from myspace album. Mike D, took some cool snaps after the vinyl install in one of the local casinos near my house. this is remembering bomac when it was “kinda” clean… i need to work on making a make over soon, bomac is falling apart now. enjoy the few selected pics or visit and add me on myspace:





heres another shot from the vd nellis afb event last year… its a shot of “my other car is a F16” haha.


my car look mean… loving the stance and flushness (almost). thanks Charlie for letting me use ur TE’s for almost the whole year in 08.

myspace minning> BOMAC

Posted in Cars and Toys, Drift Events on August 20, 2009 by bomac

diggin up some pictures from my space… havnt logged in that site for months now. nice to see old pics.




last years drift event @ nellis afb with vegasdrift. nice to have two of my drift cars… forest wang status.  not as gangster like his rides but good enough.


heres the corolla driven by charlie o. and me on the s13.

more on part 2.

Kevin Unload on them!

Posted in Daily Grindz on August 18, 2009 by bomac


Rogansan Blog Shirt

Posted in Daily Grindz on August 14, 2009 by bomac


Woot! Rogansan blog shirt came in today! Thanks broman for this! And also for the stickers!

Check out Logan and his crew @