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JD PROMO: Charlie O.

Posted in Drift Events on September 26, 2009 by bomac

charlie made this video ummm, about 2 1/2 years ago?!  haha. just browsin around youtube got nothing to do. so here it is.


Gettin’ my roll on

Posted in Daily Grindz on September 12, 2009 by turboline

Cuz I’m about to lower the Z  🙂

If you need to get your roll on too, give Ray a call.  He came right over and did my car right.  The roll is good and there is no noticeable rolling or cracking on the exterior.  Thanks Ray!!





Thanks Ray!!

Thanks Ray!!

Just Drift at Balcony 8/29/09

Posted in Cars and Toys, Drift Events on September 12, 2009 by turboline

I went to Balcony a couple weeks ago and it was a blast.  The fire in So-Cal was pretty intense that weekend.  You could see the giant cloud of smoke in the distance, but WSIR managed to avoid most of the smoke until later in the day.  Other than that, it was a really good day.  I learned a bunch, as usual, and everything was pretty chill.  Check out the photos that Paul took, half of them have clear sky and the other half are orange:


Cutting up Green S14, Farewell to a great car!!!

Posted in Cars and Toys on September 12, 2009 by turboline

For those of you who know about Green S14, Marvin and Roy finally laid the car to rest.  After pulling all salvageable parts, they determined the chassis was finally depleted of all practical usefulness.  It was time to scrap the lil’ green beast for good.

To make a long story short, we spent a good half day cutting the car into small, manageable pieces in preparation for transportation to the salvage yard.  Here are the pics:

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More Hose!!!

Posted in Cars and Toys on September 12, 2009 by turboline

I have a few posts I’ve been meaning to write up, so here goes…

A few weeks ago, I installed those radiator hoses I bought from Cali.  I did a quick search online, prior to taking off my hoses, to see if there was anything quirky I had to be aware of.  I didn’t find anything odd about swapping hoses on the Z, but I did come across this really well written DIY Guide. (  It’s a bit overkill, at nearly 20 pages printed, but I thought it was worth mentioning because there is so much detail in the instructions!  There are so many color photos and little tricks and tips.  This is more detail than most parts companies can afford to provide, but I imagine that there is some super happy do-it-yourself’er out there who was really relieved to have found overkill rather than my install guide.

Step One: Replace da blue ones.

Step One: Replace da blue ones. The end.

Block + Atkinson Rally Practice

Posted in Cars and Toys on September 9, 2009 by bomac

i think i’lll give up drifting if i have this in my backyard.

thats a crazy escort! old body on a modern equipment…errr everything! it looked very fun.


Posted in Cars and Toys, Drift Events on September 3, 2009 by bomac


simply fucking amazing! its insane to be in that group…

initiate + wall + cars few inches away front and back + cool cars.