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2009 TopDrift Standings

Posted in Drift Events on October 23, 2009 by bomac


1 MIKKI FRIAL S13 90 90 86 262
2 MIKE BOLANOS S13 82 86 90 258
3 LUKE PAKULA AE86 66 66 95 227
4 FOREST WANG S13.4 100 100 200
5 MATT B FIELDS S13 86 0 100 186
6 KEITH WONG AE86 50 62 66 178
7 MIKE ESSA S13 62 78 140
11 TOMMY ROBERTS S13 78 0 78
14 STAN TRAN S13 70
16 DAVID BLUNT BMW E30 58 0 58

points standing for the series.



Posted in Cars and Toys on October 20, 2009 by bomac

link to website:

Thanks Logan Y.

Stance for my Z!!

Posted in Cars and Toys on October 19, 2009 by turboline

I finally picked up a set of coilovers for the Z!!!  I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the install, but I did take some pics of some things I thought were noteworthy.  Check it out!

3 the initial height after install

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Posted in Cars and Toys, Drift Events on October 18, 2009 by turboline

you want videos?  you got videos

photos should be coming soon…


Posted in Cars and Toys, Drift Events on October 12, 2009 by bomac

wow its been a minute since i posted in my blog. sorry i havnt been busy but there was just nothing going on for the last month or so. just been working and hanging out with the homies.

last weekend perhaps, we had competed for top drift rd 3 @ balcony. it wasnt packed as before because a lot of the seeded drivers just came back from china.

anyway, it was a good weekend for us. bomac team headed out with my dad, Arthur, bigmac, Aldrine, Inku, and Nunie. it was gonna be a back2back drive from vegas to willow then vegas again. we had to cancel our clinic for sunday.

i qualified 2nd with a 1 point deduction from the #1 qualifyer Luke Pekula (SR86) i was able to do consistent runs the whole day… only problem was the transition, since the apex from the 1st corner was moved and we were forced to have a later transition towards the 2nd clipping point. JTP told me that if i had a steering upgrade i would be able to adjust and adopt to that set up. regardless i was happy with what we did. #1, #2, #3 and #4 cars had a by run for top 8. we sit and watched until we were able to compete again.

one of the highlights was the tandem runs between Miki Frial and Matt “bigwing” Fields for semi finals. i think they went 4-5x one more times because they were running that close to eachother. I had to pair up for the winner of that for finals. i lost to matt when i was leading, i had a slight correction because of the transition! damn it! too fast on entry. i was hoping that matt can make a mistake when i follow so we can go one more time. Matt finished strong! even if i was mirroring his runs and was really close he did a very clean run and was able to advance for the final rd. for battle fo 3rd place i was matched with FLYBERT! oh gosh! this guy is notorious, very good and agressive tandem driver. i drove like i did in the qualifying runs, Fly made a mistake on folowing me… he wasnt able to transition and straightened out. but for sure i know he was there and running really close from the initiation point. when i followed i tried to be as close and consistent and made sure to make a clean run to secure that postition. I ended up getting 3rd place for this event.

thanks to all the sponsors and JD staff for the nice event! i missed driving! bomac is still beat up and i havnt fixed any of the problems. im glad bomac held up for this day. round 4 @ htm on nov 7th! come check us out! we will be rippin it hard again for sure!

on the side note, the points came out already. Miki is number 1 in the series and im 2nd with 8 pts away from him. need a strong finish so i can be crowned as the 2009 top drift champion. im gonna do my best! hopefully we can do it. Miki is an awesome driver and im sure it will not be an easy task.

thanks for viewing! until next time

ass out!

ass out entry! haha! best picture for that weekend!


new 255’s feddy for the comp. i like this tires! grips a lot! and lasts long.

cliped the clipping point

heres me on the 3rd qualy runs, went in a little deeper, clipped the clipping point! lost the piece of the bumper! haha but my dad and arthur was able to put it back together before the tandem runs.

lining it.

Paul said i was consistent hitting this same line throughout the day. gangsta!

tandem w carlos

tandem with carlos! the corolla that can! following him was like a trip back to the past, when i was still driving my loud ass corolla! same color and bumper set up. hahaha! Carlos did a great job! thanks buddy!

tandem w fly

this is me and flybert! for battle of 3rd place! hey FLY! why do i have more angle bro?!?! hahahha. just kidding man. ur car is very nice! can u hook it up with the angle upgrades>!?



foto credits from the photo~ninja of JD! Toxic Images (Paul Lopez) Thanks bro!

Qualifying 3rd run

Posted in Cars and Toys, Drift Events on October 5, 2009 by bomac

video by John Paul Wolf, Inkus friend who came and pretty much shoot the whole event! cant wait to get all the pictures and vids from the last weekends event.

i qualified 2nd overall with 1 point shy from the number 1 qualifyer (Luke Pekula SR86). i finished 3rd place overall.

fun weekend! i’ll be posting the story pretty soon! thanks for viewing.