Stance for my Z!!

I finally picked up a set of coilovers for the Z!!!  I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the install, but I did take some pics of some things I thought were noteworthy.  Check it out!

3 the initial height after install

I decided to try Stance since it fits my budget very well and also because I’ve heard good things about their products.  I opted for the GR+Pro model so that I could try the helper springs on my car.  Also, the GR+Pro are offered in two rear spring styles (an OEM-type that accommodates a separate spring and damper or a traditional coilover) and I was looking for a rear true coilover kit for my car.

Dickson helped me do the install, which was a great help because I’ve never installed coilovers before.  Luckily, most of the installation was easy and straightforward.  However, my dumb ass threaded one of the bolts for the rear passenger side coilover, SH!#, I shouldn’t have been trying to tighten things with an impact gun.  Other than that mishap, there was only one tricky part to the install.  You have to drill holes in the rear factory strut bar in the trunk so that you can install damper adjustment extenders, but I have pics of that later on.

The front coilovers have awesome adjustability.  As you can see by the pic below, I could drag the front bottom of my car all over the street if I really wanted.  But this pic was already too low for my daily driving needs, so I set the front a little higher.

2 the fronts can go low

that is a 225/40/18 on an 18x9.5

The rears with the helper springs were too high for my tastes.  The two pictures below are with the helper springs and only about a half inch of thread left between top and bottom adjustment collars.

4 initial rears 2

this is a 255/35/18 on an 18x10.0

5 initial rears 1

too much gap! definitely not "Michi-approved"

So I decided to remove the rear helper springs so that I could lower the rear just a little bit more.  But if you remember, I stripped a bolt while I was installing the rears.  The bolt, as you can see below, is for the lower bracket, the same bracket I needed to remove before taking out my helper springs, SH!# again!!

6 coilover nut

do you notice the threaded tip of the bolt sticking out on the right? that nut welded right there on the lower bracket got stripped. Also, if you recall, there used to be a big ugly spring perch on the left. The true coilover gets rid of that perch necessitating a whole new toe arm. I installed a pair of Battle Version toe links to match the camber links already on the car.

7 coilover nut grinder

so I went to the store and bought a grinder and a cutting wheel

8 coilover nut cut bolt

and cut the bolt out!!

10 coilover nut ground

then I ground down that annoying ass nut

11 coilover nut ground painted

shot some black paint to cover up the mess that I made

12 coilover nut new bolts and nuts

and finally reinstalled the lower bracket to the coilover (sans helper springs) and tightened everything down with these new bolts, locking washers and nuts

The Z sat a lot nicer after removing the rear helper springs.  Also, I felt a lot more confident about the new lower bolts I installed.  The new bolts and nuts just look a lot sturdier than what Stance gave me; not sure why they didn’t do it that way initially.

14 rears after helper springs 2

just a little lower than before, but noticeably better looking

13 rears after helper springs 1

maybe with a slightly taller sidewall, I can get Michi-certification for my rears, lol

I previously mentioned that you have to drill something in the Z’s trunk, below are the pics.

15 trunk before install

this is how the trunk looks without the spare and floor/carpeting stuff. but you have to remove add'l plastic panels to access the metal strut bar.

16 trunk after install 2

this is the extension knob for the rear damper adjustments after install. That hole doesn't come from the factory, but it was easy to drill. There's a natural recess that provided a convenient guide for drilling. (Thanks Dickson!!!) Also, I installed some rubber grommets.

17 trunk after install 1

this is what it looked like after the install. I secured the knobs with a few zip ties because they knock around a bit while you're driving.

Since I had just purchased the new grinder, I decided that it was time to cut down my steering stops.  I had already installed new tie rods and ends and had read that you can add even more steering angle to the Z by cutting the steering stops in half.  So I gave it a try.

18 steering stop 1

this is what it looked like after I cut about half the length of each stop. in one of my prior posts, you can see pics of what they used to look like. i painted these black too, since I had some extra spray paint left, haha.

19 steering stop 2

the stock length of the steering stop used to be about twice as long as what you see above

I’ll post about how it feels at the track later when I get some more pics from Topdrift Round 3.

helper springs

those helper springs are now on my desk, behind my laptop awaiting a new assignment... as paper weights!!!


3 Responses to “Stance for my Z!!”

  1. cool post as usual inku! i like ur laptop. hahaha

  2. levistey0 Says:

    Cool Write-up Inku!

    The destruction you’re gonna do with Coilovers…Oh My.

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