JD Presents: Xmas Toy Drift!

Happy Holidays!  ToyDrive 2009 Drivers Registration is now open!  HERE!

In working together with the California Highway Patrol – West Valley. JUSTDRIFT and Law Offices of Carlo Reyes proud to present: ToyDrift 2009!

All drivers must bring a new unwrapped toy valued over $10.00 each to qualify for the special 2 day drift event. All toys donated will be sent to the California Highway Patrol Toy Drive.

Drivers – bring the toy to the event and present it upon checking in.
Spectators: For a free drift ride along – Bring unwrapped toy, check in for the special wrist band and sign waiver at the booth/tent.

For Toy donations after the event, you can send it to:

CHP West Valley Area
5825 Desoto Ave
WoodlandHills,CA  91367

Or you can contact me directly, and I will arrange delivery/pick up.
Charlie Ongsingco 213.422.1403

Event information:

$140 for 2 days or $80 for 1 day – All drifting is at WSIR – Balcony on Nov 28-29 2009. Lunch for the drivers will be provided by Baker precision and CityTire Online. This event is open to all groups. Beginners, Intermediate, Advance, Expert and EX-Pros. Come out and enjoy! Have fun!

$140 for 2 days – Saturday and Sunday
$80 for 1 day only – Specify Saturday or Sunday

-Our Official hotel for this event is The Palmdale inn 661.273.1200
– $79.00 night – Discount code:JUSTDRIFT
– Hotel Bar is open at night  JD banquet!
-Spectators ride along; bring an unwrapped toy to donate for a ride!
– Gate charges $10/driver
– Online registration only, Max drivers 20 per day!
-Drivers lunch will be provided by Baker and City Tires
-City Tire Online service/Changer on site for Sunday PREORDER YOUR TIRES AT CTO!
Call John at 323.564.5797


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