JD~CHP ToyDrift Event


i wasnt able to go on saturday because i had to work for the thanksgiving weekend. i had to drive with BIGMAC and Arthur sunday morning to help on the event. I wanted to bring a car for this event to have some little seat time and play with friends but I just didnt have time to prepare anything so we went with no car anyway.

We got to willow a little pass 7am, i slept pretty much all the way from baker.  We had mostly new faces for this event, couple regulars and staff. The CHP was there too to collect the toys for tots, CityTire also made it to help out and sponsor our lunch for the day.

Larry Chen of DriftFotos was also there for the high res coverage for the event. Steve, Hung, Mikey, Flybert, BH, and me were the Staff and instructors for the day.

Look @ BH’s car on the grid. sporting a mixed-n-match Advan TCII and Volks TE37. this car is just simply gorgous, you should see it in person too.

The photographers and staff are all on the grid. you can probably name of few of them.

The Hyundai Genesis coupe! what an awesome car! I cant believe how easy to drift this car. Power is good and probably the wheel base helped, i mean i can feel the weight of the car but that didnt stop the car for going sideways and staying sideways. The Owner Chris Chen was a young chinese kid that road races with his car and decided to try out drifting.

$29K out the door he said, fully loaded! brembo, LSD, and other cool stuff that he ended up taking off and installing such as carbon seats, e break extension, roll cage, and aftermarket guages.

on the other side of the good things, during the mid day session, he had a little trouble with the studs and wheel failing. The car seriously went airborne and landed on the opposite side. the wheel studs shredded and the wheel went under the car while doing the sweeper! Chris was ok, a little pissed but was able to drive his car home. Thanks to the mechanic of CTO that fixed the broken parts.

On the picture you can see Aaron (Dousan) trying to fix the studs and putting the wheel on so we can push it to the pits. We ended up jacking the car by the differential and pushed it slowly to the pits. we were successful! haha!

@ the grid waiting for the other drivers to line up. this was before the wind started to blew us off with cold air!!! look at Steve still wearing shorts! haha, he ended up changing to pants and wore a helmet all day because it was just too much cold winds.

overall it was a great sunday event. see you again on dec 19-20.



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