my “weekend office”

so i was looking at this picture on my facebook profile… made me realize that… for a good amount of time, days, years inside my car, this has been my weekend office… spending a lot of thinking, having fun, getting pressured, seeing close calls and just gaining a lot of experience in that hard bucket seat, steering wheel realy close to me, handfull of guages asking for attention, my loose shift knob that i always have to re-tight every now and then, stickers visible in my eye that reminds me of the good ol days and fun drift days and car shows and etc… looking at it in black and white kinda’ makes you think… whats so special about it? to a lot of you maybe nothing, but for me its everything.

i wish more and more of this fine experience… seen so many great cars out there, inside and out! but i like mine! my comfort zone!

drifting again this weekend! Thanks Mark for the pic!


2 Responses to “my “weekend office””

  1. nice writing!

  2. Where’s the ‘LIKES’ button?

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