Last weekend event @ WSIR for JDxCHP toydrive part 2. Larry took awesome pics of this event as usual. It was a great year ender event for 2009.

my fav pic of course! hehe, thanks a lot Larry! JDheartsYOU bro!

click for more of my pics.

This is Mikey Whitey driving bomac for a test run… you can tell by the helmet. lol thanks mikey for giving me input and staying away from the wall! haha

and of course a picture of me riding my fixie. take note, not a lot of the staff liked this bike. Hung and Flybert was dropped in the back like a turtle because their feet got cought on the pedal and locked. hahaha. sorry guys!

overall it was a fun weekend! what a great event to end the year. please stay tuned and visit www.justdrift.com for 2010 season announcements.

Again, i would like to thank all the justdrift drivers, staff, friends, and sponsors for making it happen this year! it was great! and we will aim for a better 2010! Merry Xmas and Happy New Years!!!



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