Happy New Year!!!

tho it seemed that 2009 was a quick year its not too bad to look back and cherish the good and bad memories. its january 1st again, a new leaf is indeed need to turn and face new challenges in life. hello 2010, goodbye 2009.

2009 was quite a ride… talking about my drifting/racing experiences was a bit good and somewhat bad. i’ll probably talk about the bad 1st (haha) this year my car took a lot of beating… its in one piece but its hanging on hundreds of zipties together. i mean im really glad that it held up for all the events this year from vegas to california. im guessing 5 vegas events, and at least 14 cali events with double header weekend. ASB was a blast of course meeting new faces from different part of US. crashing with JTP, walls in the Las Vegas Motor speedway, Haybels (sp) on balcony and HTM. Im in desperate need of a rebuild for 2010!

Now the good part… im in one piece! car is running and i had some great experiences and learned a lot of things this year. I guess 2009 was the time I decided to try and gauge my self to other drivers. Joined topdrift and finished well, acquired my fd license and built more confidence in my driving. I have no big plans for 2010, i guess it will depends on how i ride along with the flow. But my main thing is still staff and instruct for Justdrift. Got an invitation from Nick D (vegasdrift.com) to be a judge on their comp series for 2010. Hopefully I can get my car together and make it look pretty soon, id like to be able to do some demos too. Maybe we will take it a little bit slower this year, who knows… drifting is fun and id like to keep it that way. As all of us do, Im hoping for a better new year!

Thanks for all the support! to my dad, my gf, charlie, jd staff! friends, and the rest of the people whom i met along the way and has been nice to me and believed for the most part. THANK YOU! lets justdrift!


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!!!”

  1. Happy belated b-day to you also…

  2. can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2010!! btw happy belated!

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