International News Interview: VD16+Bomac

Philippine International News Cast ABS-CBN Balitang America (News America) had a special report for pinoy drifters in Las Vegas. Interview was dated 01/16/10. Thanks Nick Dizon of VegasDrift LLC for setting this up for us. Just in case you guys are wondering this is a filipino channel broadcast, i was allowed to speak tagalog for the filipino community since it will be telecast only via TFC (special channel for Filipinos)


9 Responses to “International News Interview: VD16+Bomac”

  1. Neil Kazaam Says:

    These guys are awesome! keep up the good work.

  2. yeah yeah! go mike and tito mio! u guys are the best! oh and mac too..hehe ^_^ more power! filipinos are really doubt.

  3. congrats on the coverage buddy!

  4. Formula D na yan pards !!! keep it up bro!

  5. you guys are the best!!!!!! Proud to be Pinoy!!!!!!

  6. nice interview Mike

  7. Way to go guys! Congrats!! Proudly Pinoy!

  8. sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! nice interview!

  9. yes naman! i’m proud of you mike! classmate ko yan! (since pre-school, yebah!)

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