Info: Mike Bolanos

Name: Michael G. Bolanos

Nickname/s: Bomac, Mike, Mikey, Mickmick

Bday: January 3rd, 1982

Ethnicity: Filipino

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Affiliation: /


Started drifting about 6 yrs ago. i have been fortunate being under the influence of my father (Mio Bolanos) who has been supporting, supervising, teaching, and advising me throughout my years in motor sports. My dad has been racing since his early years in the Philippines, i guess it kinda got stuck in our blood. 

I have been driving in car events since 2002 (SCCA, Road Race, Drifting). I became a part of JUSTDRIFT LLC in early 2005 with Charlie Ongsingco, JT Arranz, and Ken Lamug. Drifting is a big part of me now since i have been doing it religously in the past years. Im not a pro or anything close to that. I enjoy drifting because the fun factor of it, nothing else. I instruct drifting for Federal/Justdrift in southern california and here in Las Vegas. Nothing beats the  grassroots! i may not be able to compare it since i have not competed in the big leagues, but sure enough in my experience seing people learn from you is the greatest feeling! thats my anti-drug.



Mio Bolanos

My pops, chief mechanic, mentor.




jeanJean Dizon

The Girlfriend






markMark Aquino

Like a brother, he takes  good care of me and my dad. and of course all the cars.






Arthur Surell

The Big bro! also a big part of the bomac fam.





Charlie Ongsingco

JD Founder, adviser and a true friend.





JTJT Arranz

He took me in! he started it all!




KenKen Lamug

He seen it all! since day 1!





Omarc “BIGMAC” Carticiano

New apprentice in drifting. he is actually good! and watch out he will be killing it @ comps soon!





Obet Acantilado









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