JD Sessions Feb 27-28

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New Year, New Drift Sessions, New Faces, New Prices! Lets go drifting! See you guys in WSIR soon! please visit http://www.justdrift.com for more info on registration.


ApexKings Video from VD16

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got some video coverege from last weekends event. Me, forest, and Josh did a 2 lap tandem and Im surprised that it was recorded! thanks a lot apexkings! sweet video!

First Event of 2010!!!

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The Vegas crew is going drifting tomorrow at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, first event of the new year!!!!  I’m pretty excited 🙂  Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures and some good stories to share with you.  Thanks VegasDrift for organizing the event!

Old Pics of BOMAC

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browsin on my old email account i found this pictures i sent to my friends back in early 2007 to august 07.

Fresh green paint and body kit. and borrowed Charlie O’s TE37. I remembered how i used to daily drive this car around vegas, work and kickbacks… and on the weekend i go drifting on willow. hahaha super green… had one ticket for a busted head light. speaking of busted head light… this was the reason…

1st crash with the s13… topdrift rd 2 @ oval 2007. hahha! i wont forget that team tandem practice i crashed into pinky henry.

wasnt able to compete anymore due to the damage. my intercooler had a big hole where the piping meets. it was a sad day! i was all pumped up to compete and my runs were all solid. hahaha. i guess this was the turning point of driving aggressive. good times~ and i learned a lot from this event.

Happy New Year!!!

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tho it seemed that 2009 was a quick year its not too bad to look back and cherish the good and bad memories. its january 1st again, a new leaf is indeed need to turn and face new challenges in life. hello 2010, goodbye 2009.

2009 was quite a ride… talking about my drifting/racing experiences was a bit good and somewhat bad. i’ll probably talk about the bad 1st (haha) this year my car took a lot of beating… its in one piece but its hanging on hundreds of zipties together. i mean im really glad that it held up for all the events this year from vegas to california. im guessing 5 vegas events, and at least 14 cali events with double header weekend. ASB was a blast of course meeting new faces from different part of US. crashing with JTP, walls in the Las Vegas Motor speedway, Haybels (sp) on balcony and HTM. Im in desperate need of a rebuild for 2010!

Now the good part… im in one piece! car is running and i had some great experiences and learned a lot of things this year. I guess 2009 was the time I decided to try and gauge my self to other drivers. Joined topdrift and finished well, acquired my fd license and built more confidence in my driving. I have no big plans for 2010, i guess it will depends on how i ride along with the flow. But my main thing is still staff and instruct for Justdrift. Got an invitation from Nick D (vegasdrift.com) to be a judge on their comp series for 2010. Hopefully I can get my car together and make it look pretty soon, id like to be able to do some demos too. Maybe we will take it a little bit slower this year, who knows… drifting is fun and id like to keep it that way. As all of us do, Im hoping for a better new year!

Thanks for all the support! to my dad, my gf, charlie, jd staff! friends, and the rest of the people whom i met along the way and has been nice to me and believed for the most part. THANK YOU! lets justdrift!


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Last weekend event @ WSIR for JDxCHP toydrive part 2. Larry took awesome pics of this event as usual. It was a great year ender event for 2009.

my fav pic of course! hehe, thanks a lot Larry! JDheartsYOU bro!

click for more of my pics.

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my “weekend office”

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so i was looking at this picture on my facebook profile… made me realize that… for a good amount of time, days, years inside my car, this has been my weekend office… spending a lot of thinking, having fun, getting pressured, seeing close calls and just gaining a lot of experience in that hard bucket seat, steering wheel realy close to me, handfull of guages asking for attention, my loose shift knob that i always have to re-tight every now and then, stickers visible in my eye that reminds me of the good ol days and fun drift days and car shows and etc… looking at it in black and white kinda’ makes you think… whats so special about it? to a lot of you maybe nothing, but for me its everything.

i wish more and more of this fine experience… seen so many great cars out there, inside and out! but i like mine! my comfort zone!

drifting again this weekend! Thanks Mark for the pic!